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Sustainable Lamps to bring home this Weekend


Let’s take a moment to talk about lighting, especially sustainable lighting that will enlighten your home with light and the world with hope. It doesn't matter if you're on a budget or you're looking for some serious high-end style or smart tech-friendly lamps, the perfect lighting for your home is out there, and you can almost certainly buy it online. An amazing lamp can exquisitely transform the dimmest corner of a room into the most inviting space to read, relax, or work in—an illuminating punctuation mark of a room’s décor.

Here, are some of the best sustainable lighting - floor lamps, pendant lights, table lamps with unique designs that will make your space more pleasing, while translating your style and personality through them.


1. SeaShell Lamp By Mianzi


With a design inspired by a seashell, this lamps filters light softly, inciting a gentle diffusion around, illumining your space with elegance.



"Meticulously hand-designed from bamboo, this lamp is collapsible, thus saving space while offering you several unique structural configurations. Bring home this remarkable lamp, after all, even your bedroom design deserves luxurious ambient lighting with the perfect pendant design."

Affix this handmade earth-friendly lamp to the ceiling of your bedroom and you can enjoy as the light from the lamp kisses you in waves, a goodnight kiss that makes you hear and smell the freshness of the ocean, a kiss that let the ocean transcend into the sky, a kiss that inspires stars to climb into the sky and light up the world.



2. Lotus Floor Lamp By Mianzi


Let the sunshine in with this natural lamp. Available in a delightful pastel palette, it's just the thing to cheer up your workspace. This lovely pick features a stunning lampshade inspired from the lotus flower making a design statement. Whether you use it in your bedroom, living room or work space, you can't go wrong.


"In order to minimize the environmental footprint, the entire lamp is made from a single 5’ height hollow bamboo pole of 3 4” diameter. The shade structure has a minimalistic design for optimal energy efficiency, enhancing the exquisiteness of the whole structure and lamp itself, avoiding glare. The Tripod legs create an airy base bringing a nice contemporary accent to any interior. This floor Lamp is a delicate yet sturdy in design with a dynamic sense of balance culminating in an elegant, clean form."


The tripod legs of this lamp facilitate an easy DIY assembly and can be flat packed for easy transportation. This contemporary yet sustainable lamp is a must have.



3. Mushroom Pendant Lamp By Mianzi



Minimalists looking for a light source for their living space, wardrobe, cozy corners should consider the Mushroom lamp.


"This easy to fit Ceiling Lamp with an enticing lively design, comes with an adjustable black cable, to be customized to suit the space perfectly and is ideal for modern settings giving an instant refresh to any space."



If you'd like to jazz up your space with a mushroom lamp but want a bit of a twist, try this gorgeous gem.



4. Orbit Pendant Lamp By Mianzi


The orbit pendant lamp is more than a conversation starter. The playful design of the lampshade, with an interior shade mirroring the glow of sun, surrounded by an orbital second shade that effervesces the perfect amount of ambient light, this desk lamp has style. Try it on your art room, walkin-closet, in your bookshelf corner, or in your living space. If you're looking for a modern, unique light source, this is where it's at.


"The minimalist and modern two-toned, Bamboo Ceiling Light Fixture is sustainable and hand-tailored with meticulous excellence."


With a minimalist design, the lamp marries easily with both classic and contemporary interior setup. You just need to get the choicest color among the given options.


5. Lotus Table Lamp By Mianzi



Live your best work-from-home life with this à la mode desk lamp. Not only will it shed light on your paperwork, keyboard, and lunchtime salad, it will also double as chic desktop décor.

The distinctive design feature of this table lamp is its lotus resembling lampshade with an intricate design that cause light to emanate inward and outward. The effect? A soft, diffused light that shines in up and out.

Find the lamp in blue, orange, yellow, and natural (pictured) pastel shades.



If you are looking for something unique and voguish for your space, this is a must have. It's a wonderful work or reading lamp that'll work equally well atop your desk or at your bedside.


The way brands are set out to delimit sustainability by introducing products that are as tech friendly as they are to earth, plus have design with a personality; we can now shop more without worrying about creating more waste or mistreating nature. All these lamps are zero waste and completely recyclable.


“May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien

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