Makaibari Tea Pavillion : Award-Winning Architectural Project

Nestled amidst the emerald embrace of a sprawling tea estate, the Bamboo Tea Pavilion at Makaibari is designed for a sensorial culinary experience. The hemispherical module is a thoughtful interpretation of bamboo's potential as a building material, manifesting in the form of a grand atrium carved out of merely two surfaces with eleven ribs for visual strength, split into fins at the bottom. The shell-like structure evokes an intriguing visual metaphor of gentle swirls of tea gradually whirlpooling toward a central space, creating a sense of awe and excitement.

Conceived as a tranquil sanctuary for contemplation on the slope of the hilly terrains of Kurseong, it translates an exterior layout that belies complex structural form with intriguing visual simplicity. Its initially unassuming scale conceals a profound sense of wonder. The conscious tango of access and egress that creates a continuous momentum between the vast outside and sacred inside, gradually converges, composing volume as sculptural expression. The deliberate use of bamboo in intricate crafting of form and detail fosters an immediate sense of belonging within this peculiar landscape. This serene space, reminiscent of a traditional tea ceremony, invites visitors to partake in a sensory experience cocooned between a circular seating arrangement. 

The Bamboo Tea Pavilion at Makaibari stands as a harmonious confluence of material, undulating terrain, locale, and design finesse, that serves as a space of curiosity for visitors and viewers. The pavilion functions as an evocative testament to the limitless potential of hedonistic sustainability in architecture, converging into a symphonious amalgamation of formal and spatial delight.

Mianzi V4 : Urban Mobility Redefined

Prototyped after research of almost a decade, the Mianzi V4 e-bike, with its nifty polygamy of design, technology, and sustainability, introduces a thoughtful organic solution to urban mobility. The evocative character of the city e-bike transcends the challenges of urban transport with its distinct bamboo frame. Handmade from specific parts of carefully chosen structural bamboo, the frame is efficiently designed with the natural form of bamboo carved through CNC. The pure tensegrity structure of this e-bike forms a system that employs steel cables (traction) and the rigidity of bamboo, to make it capable of acting under the intrinsic stresses (traction and compression) together and simultaneously, giving greater resistance and formal stability. This creates an interconnected structure that works biologically like muscles and bones, where one element strengthens the other. The geometry and the low bottom bracket facilitate an ergonomically comfortable ride. The frame incorporates aluminum components, thus making the e-bike lightweight and easy to maneuver yet solid and durable. This customizable City Commuting bike flaunts a comfort geometry that exploits bamboo cavities to accommodate the battery, sensor, etc., thus giving an extra layer of protection to them; and is quick and easy to assemble. It also facilitates riders with comprehensive services and protection including GPS tracking, theft alert, movement detection software, automatic unlocking, assist mode. 

Forever In Bloom

Pull on their heartstrings with felt decor that make a statement while supporting heritage artisans in India.

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