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Desks & Tables

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ethically hand-engineered furniture collection

Planet’s most gorgeous décor collection for your home. All meticulously designed & ethically hand-engineered.

Make your house more than a place to stay with good-for-the-planet home décor and bask in contentment and elegance. Build a sustainable space with organic hand-engineered chairs, handmade study tables, office tables, or playful mini stools for kids, then enjoy a late evening to unwind after dinner at your bar corner filled with mindfully handmade barstools. Life happens at home, so make those moments matter.Outfitting a conscious home can be a daunting task, especially when looking for ethically made and environmentally sustainable staples. At Mianzi, we employ thoughtfully harvested sustainable raw material - bamboo, focus on fair trade and responsible production practices, and design a variety of sensible, eco-friendly furniture options.Whether you’re restyling your entire living space or simply refreshing a key piece of furniture or two, we have mindfully conceptualized furniture and accessories with fresh and intriguing designs to elevate any setting. Our award-winning furniture collection erases the old and weak parts of the design. For example, we have removed joints as they are the weakest part of a furniture’s configuration and introduced triangular geometry to add symmetry and strength. The revolutionary patented concepts, mindful designs, and soul-calming organic color palette add plenty of panache with a timeless appeal that will keep your furniture looking fresh for years to come.

Forever In Bloom

Pull on their heartstrings with felt decor that make a statement while supporting heritage artisans in India.