extendable wardrobe for your home

Modern living demands more out of our spaces — or sometimes, just more space. Which is why a little storage ingenuity goes a long way. With our modular shelving system which can be expanded to suit your needs, organise your space elegantly.

design your own wardrobe

Designed for adaptability, this playful and contemporary shelving system is ideal for any space in the house. An amalgam of sturdy modular metal cubicles, this structure provides creative freedom to user to explore the various possibilities by adding and reconfiguring each structural cubes and re-arranging bamboo components in the metal structure according to their mood and need, adding oodles of space to the room.

knock-down structure

Modern living demands flexibility, the metal structure is designed with focus on providing the maximum possibilities, and can be easily knocked down simply with a single tool completely into just pipes and junctions, without sacrificing quality and durability, so it can adapt as the organisational needs change. This can be flat packed for easy storage and transportation.

  • This modular shelving system has expandable rows and columns with single cell size of 8"(L) X 18"(H) X 18"(W).
  • The shelf is available in several variants with differing number of rows and columns.
  • This product also Includes a bamboo hanger rod of 38" long for hanging clothes which can easily be attached on to the HIVE in the matter of seconds at any level.
  • Some variants may include the bamboo baskets and hangers.
  • MIANZI's standard stackable bamboo baskets can be bought separately.

Forever In Bloom

Pull on their heartstrings with felt decor that make a statement while supporting heritage artisans in India.