a  story all about transformation

The Metamorphosis by Mianzi is a story all about transformation.

The Metamorphosis Pendant Lamps are the response to the research we undertook into developing veritably modular lights which can easily be transformed into different forms, using bamboo. It builds upon that research and allows us to apply structural exploration to come up with a unique kind of handmade lighting.

The different forms of Metamorphosis Pendant Lights are made from the different combinations of the same 8 molds of the lampshade. The warm color palette and natural textures of bamboo work beautifully on these metamorphosizing pendants like caterpillars glinting in their shiny chrysalis, redefining your space.


a lamp series designed on the concept of modular metamorphosis.

Pendant Lamps are highly innovative hanging lights designed as another structural exploration category of the Metamorphosis range. Two luminous bamboo shade modules are interconnected featuring a brass profile to create a futuristic sculptural form.

The visually engaging composition of these pendants is structured from the combinations of the same eight shade modules. The bamboo frame is very lightweight, durable, and fully recyclable. These handmade, futuristic, ecological, and human-centric lamps add warmth and sophistication to space.

a true modern centerpiece

The aesthetically captivating anatomy of the “Metamorphosis series” with design accuracy, and stringent finish that is emphasized in the final structures even more exquisitely transcribes well in contemporary spaces. Thus blooming as a testimony to the excellent craftsmanship, research, heritage, and skills involved.

Forever In Bloom

Pull on their heartstrings with felt decor that make a statement while supporting heritage artisans in India.

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