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Inspired by “metamorphosis”, the futuristic collection by Mianzi delivers you a chance to play with the structure of the lamp and select the exploration which manifests your stimulating character, and your distinct personality to your space.


Shop Hand-engineered Products by Heritage Artisans

Mianzi is a mission-driven innovative workplace. All Mianzi Products are ethically hand-engineered from bamboo. With every purchase, you are helping to generate meaningful wages for the rural craftsmen, craftswomen, and their families across India, encouraging sustainability and making a difference, by creating a positive, long-lasting impact for the planet, artisan, and heritage bamboo craft.

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Together We Make A Difference

Our ultimate goal is to break the cycle of poverty and create a brighter, more sustainable future for artisans, their families, and their communities. 



From research to experiments, from innovation to precision, we don't let any stones unturned before launching a product. We are delighted to share some recent accolades celebrating our efforts, passion, and Your Mianzi.

Research Lab

Each Mianzi product is more than a product for us. After spending days and months in an artist's brain, behind the designer's pen, being rejected and rebuilt; it has its own personality, a distinct story. Have a look at the story of some of our products.

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Our Story

We design thoughtfully handmade home, workplace and lifestyle products. In collaboration with artisans across villages of India, we bring you the polygamy of timeless design with heritage skills and sustainable bamboo.



When we think about our environment, we find a deeper connection with generational traditions - materials which understand nature better than us. At Mianzi, we allow the natural character and texture of the raw materials to speak for the planet while honoring local customs and traditions.


Artisan made

Every product, each basket we sell has hours of craftsmanship, a face, a name, a story behind it. Your every purchase helps us bring meaningful income for the family of artisans who made them, creating opportunities for skill building, financial empowerment, and independence.



The relationship between an artisan, the raw material, and a thoughtful hand-engineered piece creates a story, a distinct connection that is magnified with our self-invented techniques which honors traditions and help artisans to reinvent their process.

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Express Yourself with Earth-friendly Soulful Home Décor.
Express Yourself with Mianzi.

Home décor is not just items collected to fill empty corners of the house but an extension of our soul, a summation of our experiences, and an accumulation of all the memories we have created over the years. Mianzi's brand essence is in rethinking mundane products and redeveloping them so that they are not only sustainable or aesthetic but individualistically revolutionary. Sustainability has long been associated with “going without”. We bring together heritage artisans and award-winning designers to brainstorm unique designs that translate the masterful craft skills amassed through centuries into contemporary designs; thus, transcending above what we have known being earth-friendly means to experience what it can be. We cater to you a product experience that is polygamy of environmental consciousness with aesthetics, functionality, and culture.