Sea Shell Lamp By Mianzi: Natural & Eco-Friendly Lamp

Sea Shell Lamp By Mianzi: Natural & Eco-Friendly Lamp


Add a little fun to your space with this unique, eye-catching lamp.


Resembling a seashell, this beautiful lamp by Mianzi filters light as if sunlight glinting off sea waves, capturing a sense of movement and elegance that is unique to that association. These rippling pools of light-diffusing to the surrounding will irradiate your ambiance with a sense of playfulness and an unshakable warmth.


Meticulously hand-designed from bamboo, this lamp is collapsible, thus saving space while offering you several unique structural configurations. Bring home this remarkable lamp, after all, even your bedroom design deserves luxurious ambient lighting with the perfect pendant design.

  • Product Specifications

    Length: 40cm

    Depth: 30cm

    Height: 45cm

    Wire Length: 2.5 meter

    Bulb: 40 Watt Incandescent Bulb

  • Materials

    Bamboo, Brass

  • Delivery

    Free Delivery

    Dispatch within 2 weeks

  • Country Of Origin

    Made in India

  • Return/ Replacement Policy

  • Product Care

    Wipe clean gently with a soft, damp cloth. Do not soak in water or use abrasive substances.

    For more information, check Product Care.