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    Presenting honourees of ELLE DECO International Design Awards -18 edit

    With his design studio Mianzi, Shashank takes sustainable living and decor a notch higher and provide employment to local artisans

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    Shashank Gautam : Finding Beauty In Bamboo 

    Bamboo finds new meaning in designer Shashank Gautam's lexicon. His designs are a blend of the rugged, organic appeal of bamboo with the edginess that technology brings with it.

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    Homegrown furniture label MIANZI will make you fall in love with bamboo

    The organic and fresh designs (by Mianzi) blend the raw natural appeal of bamboo with technology that imparts each piece with its clean cuts and smooth edges. 

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    MATERIAL WORLD : Sustainable Home Decor Products in India

    The “post-climate-change entrepreneurs” are upgrading the quality of our lives with sustainable products that have an eye-catching contemporary aesthetic.

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    Tips To Create Z Futures LookCreate A Home New World

    Designed such that users can easily
    assemble it by using a simple Allen Key Tool. Made of bamboo, flat packed, easily stackable, lightweight, and affordable. 

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    Trend Alert : Wild About Wicker

    Woven in small villages of India by local craftspeople, reviving near-extinct skills. These bamboo-based baskets are styled to spotlight the subtlety and panache of ancient craft.

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    MIANZI : The New Way Bamboo Is Seen And Used

    MIANZI. Keep that name because you will still hear a lot about it in the world of product design. Developing bamboo furniture and accessories, MIANZI is revolutionizing the way bamboo is seen...

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    Bamboo Lamps, Woven Baskets, Handcrafted Ceramics + More

    With a keen eye on the future of the planet, Mianzi has been working to develop smart technology that makes the manufacturing process energy-efficient, earth-conscious and simpler for the artisans.

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    Great Bamboo Decor Ideas: The Best material for Interior Design

    Bamboo is highly trending as a material for both interior design and our everyday products. The bamboo product range by Mianzi is socially and environmentally responsible with innovative design.

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    The Future is Green: Every part of India has a unique craft.

    Mianzi with its beautiful range of hand-engineered products has been working towards providing a greener substitute to traditional design materials through bamboo.

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    Bamboo Furniture: Table, Chair, Basket, Lamps & Hangers at Mianzi

    Bamboo is known for being an excellent and sturdy material for furniture, architecture, and more. Check out the beautiful and contemporary stall by Mianzi at Kalaghoda, Mumbai.

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    A Small Talk with#TheEtsyCollective 

    Studio Mianzi creates beautiful products inspired by nature! Let's discuss their journey from conceptualizing to manufacturing and selling unique bamboo products on Etsy.

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    MIANZI : Minimal Aesthetic Luxury Home Goods Range

    Mianzi’s pieces consist of classic furniture pieces that are budget-friendly and can be assembled with ease. The brand works in association with the Madhya Pradesh State Bamboo Mission (MPSBM)

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    Kashmir and North-East come alive at Raw Collaborative

    The functionality of the utilitarian object is replaced by the aesthetics of object d’art when created for commercial value. The intersection of this parallel narrative that runs between craftsmen’s daily...

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    Mianzi: For Sustainable Development, A Conversation

    Mianzi is a pioneer in designing superior sustainable home furnishings using a simple and natural material – bamboo. Questioning deleterious models of production and translating experimental materials...

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    The Future is Green: Mianzi, A Positive Ray Of Sustainability

    MIANZI to revolutionize the way bamboo is seen and used by bringing eco-friendly yet inventive and aesthetic bamboo-built options in furniture, lifestyle products, and architecture.

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    Mianzi: Eco-friendly and Sustainable Furniture

    Harvested from fully sustainable and rapidly growing forests, bamboo is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource. The goal of Mianzi is to cogitate bamboo as a possible semi-industrial product...

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    Experts say THIS chair ensures comfort and good posture while WFH

    YOUR WORK FROM HOME CHAIR MAY BE BREAKING YOUR BACK. LET'S FIX IT. Flexibility of bamboo, suppleness of backrest helps lumbar to give a cushiony effect for different sitting positions...

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