Lilypad : Modular Customised Lamp

This exquisite gigantic lamp with a diameter of 8 feet is inspired by the wonderment of nature - a lilypad with its sheer size and impeccable beauty and hand-engineered from bamboo. The underside of the lamp is entirely covered with a fractal network of bamboo veins that radiate out from the central stem; the source of both its beauty and its brawn to be marveled at from below. This lamp can be dismantled and easily assembled in a matter of a few minutes, making it easy to flat pack and ship.

This beautiful large lamp with intricate rigid flexibility elegantly floats overhead as if the strong lilypads are in the water.


Wall Lamps

Wall Lamp brings a functional fresh look to contemporary household lightning, allowing light and nature to be brought to all parts of the home in their purest form. The adjustable and transformable bamboo structure with a brass profile interacts harmoniously with furniture pieces and other interior elements. These wall lamps bloom as a testament to Indian craft and the elegance with which it fits in modern settings. 

Metamorphosis Pendant Lamp-H-013CC
Metamorphosis Wall Lamp-HH-M-Wall Lamp-Mianzi

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Home. Home is the place where we go to unwind after a long day at work, where we feel comfortable socializing with friends, where a lifetime of family memories are made and, of course, where we most want our furniture and décor to echo our unique sense of self, our personality, our story. Home is not just a boundary of four walls and a collection of dead objects, it’s the place we search for, we need. While we see a plethora of high-quality, skilfully designed furniture out there but at times we need something customized to seamlessly complement our preferences. Aesthetics that screams us – distinctly and clearly.
Welcome to Mianzi – a home for award-winning designers and heritage master artisans working in a fair-trade ethical environment to engineer eco-friendly home décor. We help you express your story completely customized in your distinct language. You can get completely customized sustainable furniture, lighting, lifestyle accessories to harmonize with your personal one-of-a-kind style of living you’re looking to create – a space you’ll love coming home to.

Forever In Bloom

Pull on their heartstrings with felt decor that make a statement while supporting heritage artisans in India.

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