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Inspired by “metamorphosis”, the futuristic collection by Mianzi delivers you a chance to play with the structure of the lamp and select the exploration which manifests your stimulating character, and your distinct personality to your space.


Metamorphosis Pendant Lamps

The Metamorphosis Pendant Lamps are the response to the research we undertook into developing veritably modular lights which can easily be transformed into different forms, using bamboo. It builds upon that research and allows us to apply structural exploration to come up with a unique kind of handmade lighting. The different forms of Metamorphosis Pendant Lights are made from the different combinations of the same 8 molds of the lampshade. The warm color palette and natural textures of bamboo work beautifully on these metamorphosizing pendants like caterpillars glinting in their shiny chrysalis, redefining your space.

Metamorphosis by mianzi

About Metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis Collection by Mianzi

When a lone lamp strived to become more than its defined structure and transformed itself into different configurations, "The Metamorphosis" happened. 

The Metamorphosis Collection by Mianzi rises above the bounds of "form" as its geometry continually changes and the elements play to define function.

Artistically hand-engineered from locally sourced bamboo, this minimalistic collection features a rhythmic balance between geometry and symmetry in each configuration. An arena of warm golden light blooms with a moon glint and filters through the bamboo shades, evoking an ethereal sense of connection.

Each piece in this unique collection by Mianzi recognizes the evolution of cultural craft to engineered art while embracing its sacred roots.