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Metamorphosis Series

Inspired by “metamorphosis”, the futuristic collection by Mianzi delivers you a chance... 

Mianzi X KJDS

Brighten up with handmade rattan pendants, and more — thoughtfully designed by... 


Reinvent your home with unique and stylish home furnishing, lighting and accessories.... 

ethical bamboo lighting that turns a house into a home

Shop interesting artisanal lighting pieces that carry with them centuries of stories to make your home truly unique.

Want to add a distinctive and eye-catching design feature to your space? Mianzi's designer lighting collection finds its muse in natural and architectural environments, conceiving unique narratives for interior spaces.Our ethically hand-engineered hanging pendants and ceiling lights are designed to radiate gratitude from the earth. To be hung singularly or in clusters of three or in a linear formation, these lamps invite the imagination to render your distinct character to your home. Transform the look and feel of any room in the home with our wide range of earth-friendly floor lamps and shades. These sustainably handmade bamboo floor lamps not only bring light to dark and dingy corners but draw the eye upwards creating the illusion of height as well by making use of tricky corner spaces. Tripod floor lamps are great for utilizing as both a light source and an accessory. Mianzi table lamps are great at emphasizing a feeling of warmth and coziness - layers of soft light are known to make a space feel homely and snug.The warm, amber glow diffusing through the exquisitely handwoven shade trace sharp silhouettes, providing a vibrant design feature for your space. Discover our designs, from the classic stem and shade to modern tripod floor lamps. At Mianzi, we find our purpose in respecting and protecting our beautiful planet and all the people who call it home.

unique artisan made bamboo lighting collection

A one-of-a-kind lamp will create a vibe in any room.

these timeless lamps will make you fall in love with their ability to set the tone for any space. The natural color palette, an untouched texture, and stand-out elegant designs of these handmade lamps - all impact the way you will feel when you walk into your home, or office giving them a crucial role when it comes to curating your space. The unhindered character of these sustainable bamboo light fixtures adds an element of nostalgia, a piece of culture and heritage craftsmanship into your homes and office space.

shop hand-engineered bamboo lamps and lighting by heritage artisans

The planet-friendly lighting collection by Mianzi is individualistic yet a balancing selection that structures your space while soothing the ambiance. These bamboo lights offer something visually intriguing, but also blend seamlessly into the landscape of the room, not drawing too much attention, but adding something exciting.

sustainable lighting

Transform the look and feel of any room in the home with our wide range of earth-friendly bamboo pendant lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, ceiling lamps, floor lamps and shades. Our ethically hand-engineered bamboo lights are designed to radiate gratitude from the earth.

Forever In Bloom

Pull on their heartstrings with felt decor that make a statement while supporting heritage artisans in India.

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