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Winter Lighting Ideas To Warm Your Home

Frigid temperatures, darker skies, and shorter days may heighten dreariness. Lack of vitamin D may take a toll on your health too. The low light bulb exposure in your living room and lack of natural light may make you depressed and lead to seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It is common to find yourself locked in the house during wintertime with fewer sunlight moments and low temperatures.

Winter may be here, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to hibernate. Instead, when the days are shorter and the nights are cooler, it’s the perfect time to bring a little warmth into your life and home. And warm lighting is a fantastic way to do just that.

Warm Your House With Lighting

When the winter days are getting you down, consider adding blankets, throws, and rugs to bring warmth to your home. But you might need to consider the power of changing your lighting. Using warm lighting in your home is a great way to bring in that lovely feeling of coziness and hygge. Better yet, it can improve your own mood and create a calming effect (which is so well-needed at the moment!). If you’re not sure how to use warm lighting, we have some simple tips and tricks to help you keep your home feeling warm, bright, and cheerful until spring arrives!

Refocus With Sustainability-Minded Pendant Lamps

Refocusing the direction of light in a living space is a great way to switch up its look. Rearrange existing floor and table fixtures or add a new ceiling lamp to alter the concentration of light. This update may reveal a new favorite spot in the home that is perfect for reading, working, or sipping a hot tea. Consider the beautiful Opium Lamp which exudes soft light as it seeps through a hand-woven bamboo shade.

Keep an eye out for energy-efficient light bulbs such as LED that use less electricity and therefore may be more sustainable lighting choices. Architectural Digest recommends turning off overhead fixtures after dark and concentrating on casting low light. They note that the key to an intimate mood is incorporating various sources of lighting, including soft bedside lamps and strategically mounted ceiling lights for a touch of drama.

Accent lighting is a great way to focus light on a corner, a small area, or even a piece of artwork or furniture. You can also do this with floor lamps, table lamps, and spotlights. This not only helps improve the lighting in your home, but it can also give a sense of space being cozy and warm with light, without needing to turn on overhead lighting. Downlights, like those from Martec, is a great example of accent lighting. They can be easily added to your home, to light up gloomy corners and spaces.

Brighten those nooks with some Bamboo Table Lamps

When it gets darker earlier, and you’re spending more time indoors, you may find that overheads just don’t cut it as you read, craft, or do a crossword puzzle. Table lamps add an extra layer of light, known as task lighting, that can help you see details far better than your room’s primary light source. Depending on the task, you may be able to utilize a warm yellow glow that feels relaxing and homey instead of a bright light best suited for small details. Add a table lamp to a desk, bookshelf, side table, or beside your bed. These fixtures come in so many different designs that they double as home decor pieces by day.

Bedazzle those forgotten corners with Bamboo Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are an easy-to-install alternative if you want to brighten your home but don’t want to place more ceiling fixtures. Just screw in the light bulb of your choice – even one that projects the starry night sky, a cozy experience in itself – then sit back and watch your space come to life.

Creating a warm and atmospheric lighting scheme can completely change how you feel in the space. The secret to good home lighting design is layering light. That’s the business of using ambient light in different combinations with task and accent lighting to create your desired atmosphere. Now the key to being able to layer light well is to ensure you have multiple light sources around the room instead of just relying on your main overhead light. Table lamps and floor lamps are good of course. But for real flexibility invest in some pendant lights. Turn off the main light and pop on a couple of natural hanging lights on a winter’s evening, and you’re well on your way to your very own cozy town. Shop your favorites at www.mianzi.in

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