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Sustainable Dinnerware and Table Décor for Festive Season 2022

It’s time to gather everyone you hold near and dear and celebrate the joys and the sorrows this year has brought. In India, especially during the festive season, the entire family eats together. It is more like a ritual. Friends and close relatives visit each other. The fact that everyone eats together makes them closer to each other.

Eating is the most direct connection we have to our planet. Not only should we consider the environmental impact of what we eat, but what we’re eating it on. This festive season, let's celebrate one most precious bonds we share which is with mother earth. So let’s invite sustainability to the dinner table.

The need of an hour is to lead a healthy and green lifestyle. It does not mean that you cannot indulge in something often. All you need to do is to be a little mindful and do it without excess. While you take care of what you are eating, Mianzi will take care of your tableware. Mianzi’s eco-friendly tableware ve got you covered with all the sustainably made and ethically sourced dishware, glassware, and table decorations you’ll need for a successful gathering, ensuring you don’t go off track in your green living style.

The tableware must be a perfect blend of functionality, design, and sustainability. It will be your way of saying that you care about the planet even when you are enjoying a scrumptious meal. Here are some bonny beautiful sustainable podium Trays by Mianzi to add flavor to your table.

Round Podium Bamboo Tray

This handcrafted bamboo plate was made by heritage artisans in India and makes for a versatile addition to any tablescape, presenting a contemporary analog of India's cultural craft. Its bamboo is extremely durable and can be used and enjoyed for years to come.

Use it for gifting, as a dining, living room, kitchen accessory, or simply for decorative purposes in your home.

Oval Podium Bamboo Tray

Time to slow down! Gather your friends and family and enjoy a house get-together. Every Podium tableware piece is handcrafted using sustainably harvested bamboo. Each of these trays is ethically made by majorly women artisans who are empowered through fair and living wages.

Use it to serve freshly brewed coffee or as a bedside tray to hold your little things, we call it a tray but the versatile piece fits decoratively anywhere in your home.

Round Podium Tray: Sustainable & Ethical

An ode to earthy colors, the bamboo podium trays are designed to bring all attention to the table. Modern and minimalistic, these handmade bamboo plates add a touch of simplistic versatility to your elevated meals. With a subtle rim to prevent spills, this plate can handle any dish you decide to serve in it while being a centerpiece at any table.

Use it for gifting, as a dining, living room, kitchen accessory, or simply for decorative purposes in your home.

Handmade Podium Tray - Black Edit

Serve up elegance for the season's soirees with Podium Tray Black Edit. Expertly handcrafted by the artisans of rural India, these beautiful bamboo plates in black add a stunning touch of high-quality elegance to any tablescape. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party for the whole neighborhood or just need a durable, go-to plate for your everyday breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this podium plate uplifts the presentation of every meal.

Bamboo Podium Tray Set

This unique, handmade bamboo tray set is made by artisans in rural villages of ancient India. With four color variations available, it’s easy to find the one-of-a-kind dinnerware piece that matches your aesthetic and will spark conversation among your guests.

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