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Send your loved ones a Gift Card

Every Diwali, on birthdays, anniversaries, or any celebratory occasion, and at times “just because” we thoughtfully choose and offer gifts to our loved ones. The motivation behind giving gifts is the positive feelings it creates in us and the recipients. We’re social creatures and we’ve been shaped by millions of years of living and working together. Our species thrives when we cooperate with each other rather than living in silos. The positive, emotional feelings we experience when we share gifts are the result of our evolution. With the vast array of things available both online and offline these days, it is very difficult to predict what someone will like. One of the best gift options these days is a cash Gift Card. A cash Gift Card is simple for both the person gifting and the person receiving the gift.

“Research shows that giving a bad gift can hurt your relationships. So how can you be sure you pick something your recipient will love?”

Gift cards make great presents for a number of reasons. If you still aren’t sure what to get for the special people in your life, gift cards make a good choice. Here are five reasons gift cards are the perfect gifts:

Freedom to buy whatever they desire

The dilemma of finding an appropriate gift has struck everyone at some point. We simply don’t know people’s choices well enough. To avoid these problems, the best gift option for any occasion is a Gift Card. A Gift Card enables the person to buy whatever they like from the particular store. This freedom allows them to buy what they truly need, and it gives you the satisfaction of having gifted well.

Very convenient

Whether it is a wedding Gift Card or a birthday Gift Card, buying a Gift Card is an extremely simple process. In fact, buying a Gift Card online hardly takes any effort. Most retailers are happy to help customers who want to buy Gift Cards. The process is easy and convenient and eliminates the time you’d normally take to buy a present.


Gift cards are flexible for the recipient, allowing him or her to choose what to buy. It takes away some of the anxiety associated with finding just the right gift. Who doesn’t like the freedom to get what they REALLY want? It’s a perfect way to provide a flexible gift that anyone can enjoy.

That flexibility also means that the recipient can choose an experience instead of a thing. That means a lot to someone who doesn’t want to buy things and prefers experiences instead.

A gift card makes buying a gift for someone a much easier task. You can’t go wrong as the choice of the gift is handed to the recipient. It also allows them to purchase the gift when they decide they want it. Purchasing a gift card saves you the embarrassment of getting it wrong

Giving the gift of a gift card is a win-win for both recipient and gift-giver. It’s exactly the right balance between a thoughtful gift and cash. Add a personal touch with a handwritten note, and it will feel like a very personal gift, without all that comes with trying to find the right present.

Now you can send your loved ones a gift card by Mianzi. Mianzi Gift cards make you send three gifts in one go. The first one to the loved one you want to send them to, the second one to the environment, and the third one to the family of artisans who will hand-design that gift. For more details:

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