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New Year 2023: 15% off on Statement home décor that’ll amp up your home with elegance

Get ready for the praises you’re about to receive from your family & friends

As we welcome a New Year at the stroke of midnight on December 31st, many of us see the calendar starting again as a chance to instill our own new beginnings. An annual time to reassess and realign our goals, it’s also a chance to recharge, reset, and reflect on our habits, mindsets, and lifestyle. At the heart of most resolutions lists is a hope to find an overall healthier and happier lifestyle. Often this can be achieved by incorporating and practicing wellness in our daily lives.

Sitting at the edge of 2022, the new year seems like an exciting time for trying something new, especially with home décor. The thing is, we're not made of money. Sales are our best friends. That's where we come in—we're spreading the love with our collection of handmade bamboo home products now on a flat 15% sale. Shop now or regret it later!

Right furnishings can add a high degree of warmth and a homely feel to your home. Not to mention, adding furniture made from natural grasses like bamboo reduces your carbon footprint and makes your lifestyle more sustainable. The locally available material is adaptable to the environment and can last longer. So, unburden mother nature and let off your creative steam a bit by bringing home award-winning furniture pieces by Mianzi that will seamlessly fit in your space and elevate your interiors for the new year.

Here are some beautiful handmade bamboo podium trays to make your table look extra delicious. If you are hosting a new year get-together these will be perfect to make those delicious grazing tables with bruschetta, smoked cheese, and walnut cakes look sumptuous. These simple decor features have the potential to create a very humble and serene ambiance for your space.

Beautiful handmade bamboo lamps can brighten up any place, and good mood lighting is the finest way to bring life to a space, especially around the festive period.

Hanging lights can light up your outdoors in an exciting and sensuous manner. These lights are the perfect option if you have an outdoor dining area. Hanging light fixtures give you a unique and dramatic lighting element that draws the eye. In addition, these fixtures give you various options to choose from that will allow you to play with design details. One could also add some extravagant lighting, such as a chandelier or exquisite table lamps, or bamboo floor lights. Creating a warm and atmospheric lighting scheme can completely change how you feel in the space. The secret to good home lighting design is layering light. That’s the business of using ambient light in different combinations with task and accent lighting to create your desired atmosphere.

“Soulful spaces are emerging as a form of self-expression and historical nostalgia like never before,” says Pinterest’s home and design creator management lead, Jeremy Jankowski, who recounts that Pinterest searches on eclectic and vintage interior design are up a whopping 850 percent. “It’s part of an effort to be sustainably minded, but matched with a general interest in creating spaces that tell a story.” Goodbye, quick, cheap (impersonal) trend pieces. Hello, one-of-a-kind vintage treasures with monochromatic swaths and sandy hues. Get on the latest trends and shop your favorite home decor pieces from www.mianzi.in now at 15% off.

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