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Mr. Lotus Disclose their Journey from the wild

You have known Mianzi products for a while now. You are aware of how they are beautifully handmade from sustainable raw materials. Many of you have them at home or are about to make them part of your family. Are you aware of their story before that? Where they started from - when they were not even a line - an abstract thought in a designer's head - waiting to be realized.

Last week Vajor asked us to tell our story. As soon as the naughty Doco heard of it, he gossiped it to everyone. That's when Mr. Pods, Mr. Orbit, Miss Tulip, and their friends organized a meeting headed under Mr. Rad.

"We are products for your home that let you express your untold stories. We are Mianzi."
- Lotus & Friends

After the meeting, Mr. Rad and his friends reached us and expressed that they would like to share their stories with the world. "It's time", asserted Miss Firefly, "to turn on the lights on their stories."

To see our beloved kids united and ready to organize such a big feat made us emotional and we asked them what they wanted to do. They shared their complete plan and we absolutely LOVEd it.

To know more about their plan and their stories, and to enhearten & encourage our loved littles, join them on Instagram - This Sunday - 3rd October 2021.

To buy home decor that is ethically made, sustainable, and aesthetically beautiful is a pleasure and brings content - both in terms of your responsibility to the environment & planet and to make your home look elegantly gorgeous. But one must understand that when a product is made with thoughtful love and care, generations of craftsmanship; spending weeks, sometimes even months before it is ready, it is no more just a product. It's a being who develops a character, a personality, many emotions, and the same is translated in your decor, when you bring them home. They are wholesome beings of passion, love, heritage, and care. They are Mianzi.

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