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Mianzi honors families in all forms with sustainable home furniture and lighting range

The whole family setup or the way we lived in and as a community seems to have become redundant today. In the last two decades, society has been veering away from a joint family system gradually towards individualism. It wouldn’t be far off the mark to assume that younger generations today prefer nuclear families. In India, however, it’s not uncommon to spot the joint family setup. Much like the functioning of joint families, the design of such a multigenerational home should cater to the comfort and requirements of each of its occupants.

Mianzi believes in introducing organic and sustainable bamboo furniture and lighting range that molds a comfortable space that’s suitable for a nuclear family and a multigenerational family as well. Here are a few home decor ideas to incorporate smart details and strike a perfect balance in your home.

1. Minimalist clean-lined furniture to make the house look more spacious

Furniture is a very crucial part to define the look and feel of your space. To make your space feel more welcoming to one and all, irrespective of your family form, go for a soothing and neutral color palette for the common areas of the home, so the space can resonate with both the younger and older generations of all gender. The furniture in the bedrooms should suit the individual tastes, preferences, and requirements of each of its occupants. Here are some beautiful sustainable furniture options setting the space perfectly.

2. Lighting to set the mood and vibes of your space

When it comes to lighting, one thumb rule is to allow plenty of natural light to filter in.

Beautiful handmade pendant lamps are a must for any bedroom. You can make your cozy corner your perfect escape from the world and meet your inner self while a soft light diffuses overhead illuminating more than just space. When it comes to common areas, floor lamps are perfect options. While linear lights will be ideal for dining spaces and kitchens.

Adding naturally made lamps can add an organic feel to the space. The heritage they harbor helps bring the traditions that are particularly significant for the elder generations. Selecting minimalist contemporary designs that are totally in trend these days will make them an immaculate choice for the younger generations as well.

3. Make space for storage

To design a clutter-free, well-organized multigenerational or individualist home, adequate provision for storage is vital. We will suggest introducing built-ins around the house with elements such as storage baskets, podium trays, modular wardrobes that can expand in accordance with need, and the like. Keep the surfaces, and stations easy-to-clean around the house—especially if there are kids in the family—and do not add too many showpieces, so the house remains easy to maintain.

4. Use mirrors to expand the space visually.

Create a timeless decor and infuse warmth with natural bamboo accents. Use mirrors to expand the space visually.

5. Add potted plants on various surfaces to make the house come alive with a lot of positive energy.

To create an integrated space that’s a perfect polygamy of style, functionality, and traditions is to understand the requirements of each family member and then move on to the collective whole. These homes should integrate private as well as common spaces that allow families to bond together yet enjoy a sense of seclusion under the same roof. Every single Mianzi product celebrates sustainability, modern design, and traditions; creating space for connection while endorsing a better future for our families and our planet.

Home is pivotal for any family, whether they live in a joint setting or a nuclear one and this is the only space where we look forward to coming back at the end of each day. So, it should always reflect your personality and should always comfort you. Don’t let the rules define your décor & never stop decorating! Explore the perfect style of Home Decor to suit your taste at www.mianzi.in.

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