How to Lead an Eco-Conscious Lifestyle: Your Guide to Start Making a Difference Now

How to Lead an Eco-Conscious Lifestyle: Your Guide to Start Making a Difference Now

Mianzi: How to Lead an Eco-Conscious Lifestyle


We've been hearing so much about climate change recently, and the facts don't look good. A UN Report from 2018 claimed that we are left with 12 years to control climate change (yes, twelve not our lifetime) and a net-zero is our only option.

The evidence shows that thanks to human activity, global temperatures are rising at a level that isn't sustainable for the environment to be able to survive. It might be the middle of a pandemic, but almost two-thirds of people around the world see climate change as a global emergency, according to the largest opinion poll ever done on the issue. That's partly why, over the years, people were taking their clothes off in parliament and school kids going on strike.


How to start making a difference


“What can I do to make a difference?” The answer seems to be scary and an uphill battle with results yet undecided.




There are several ways to be the change our mother earth needs. Your every action, however, small can help to reverse the situation. You can reduce your carbon footprint by eating local produce, refusing plastic food containers, finding out which energy suppliers use green energy, making your own cleaners putting, solar panels on your roof, changing to a wind-powered car, shredding your rubbish, buying your home décor and furnishing from sustainable and ethical brands, etc. If not all, you can opt for as many as practically possible for you and it will make a difference.


Cutting your environmental footprint also helps to save money: there's no waste to be disposed of, you cut down on your travel costs. A lot of the environmental damage we're currently facing has been caused by demand, by what's been called the overconsumption of resources. This doesn't have to happen, however. You can change that with your lifestyle choices. It’s not impossible to reduce your footprint and with so many manufacturers making efforts to bring you earth-friendly choices whether you want to buy sustainable lighting or eco-friendly lifestyle accessories; from clothing to home interiors, vehicles to architecture – you can find environmental conscious choices if you look for them.


Eco-friendly Living


It's high time for us all to school ourselves on the lessons of the way we live. Environmentalism can no longer simply be a treat to have in the form of recycling – it needs to become a way of life. Each one of us needs to change the way we live and the impact we have on the planet we are living on. It doesn't matter if we buy from the organic farmer down the road, drive a zero-emission car, or ditch bottled water, or wash up with a bar of soap. What matters is that we make the changes we need in order to preserve the world we live in for future generations.


If your day-to-day actions are more environmentally friendly you not only help the environment, but you can benefit financially, physically, and mentally as well. For example: getting rid of toxic chemicals in your home and using natural cleaners will cost less. Moreover, it will cut down on the number of toxins you are exposing yourself and the environment to and it will have a positive impact on your indoor air quality. Becoming conscious, recognizing our impact on the environment is one thing and recognizing it and taking action is another but the change starts from the former. Start recognizing where you can make changes, ask yourselves the right questions, and you are on the path to make difference.


“It’s like a deafening, piercing smoke alarm going off in the kitchen. We have to put out the fire”

-Erik Solheim (Executive Director of the U.N. Environment Program)


U.N. Environment Program has already emphasized the critical need to either stop emissions entirely by 2050 or find some way to remove as much carbon dioxide from the air as humans put there “means net zero must be the new global mantra.”


Reduce your carbon footprint


Every small thing you do now could make a big difference over the years. It can be something small, like making sure you take your reusable shopping bags to the store or saying no to plastic. Or something big, like switching to renewable energy for your home. Small changes add up to big changes, as research shows. But first and foremost, if we want to help our environment to cope in the years to come, we need to start acting now. It doesn't have to be hard, and it doesn't have to cost a fortune either.

Regardless of whether you’ve decided to go green to help the environment, to save money, or just see how easy it is, every step you take towards eco-friendly living is one that helps the world. Read on to find out more about how you can make your home an eco-friendly haven - How to Lead an Eco-Conscious Lifestyle: Your Guide to Start Making a Difference Now- Part 2

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