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Five Essentials that will spice up your Bathroom Space

Is there anything more restorative than a self-care session in your own bathroom? Bathrooms are a space in our home where we tend to spend substantial hours of our day. It's the place where we go to refresh ourselves, to fill up our mental and spiritual cups. Still, they more often than not end up being a bit boring, cluttered, or overlooked. When it comes to bathroom hi-tech fittings, shower rooms, bathtubs, and curtains are not everything. A bathroom can feel boring and unorganized even after adding a tropical wallpaper to it. Our bathroom needs to be a perfect balance of aesthetic and functionality, organized and airy, bright and fresh. We have compiled a list of things that can change the tempo of your bathroom and a bit of spice to it.

Read on to learn more about what your bathroom needs!

1. Elevate your bathrooms with interesting Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in altering the aesthetic and emotional equation of any space. It affects our circadian rhythm thus playing an important role in our overall health. Nothing beats natural daylight for brightening our mood and regulating wake/sleep cycles. In the context of a bathroom, pendant lights are ideal. It is best to pick a corner or zone to experiment with this type of lighting so that they are more effective in building drama. Pick a light that filters soft and warm orange or yellow light and it will add a gentle fascination to the air.

Here are some sustainable lights by Mianzi that will liven up the tempo of your bathroom.

2. Add depth to your bathroom with a few planters.

Plants are one item that simply can’t be left off of our bathroom needs list. Plants clean and purify our air, and they provide a natural aesthetic touch in bathroom spaces that can otherwise be too sterile feeling. Greenery looks fantastic against the primarily white backdrop that most bathrooms feature, and when paired with a natural woven or wooden pot, this look really feels complete. Bathrooms are often neutral or monochromatic, but the addition of plants gives you the chance to bring in small pops of color. No matter what color scheme you're working with, a plant or two will brighten up your space in all the right ways. You don't even need to commit to a potted plant if it's not your thing. A few stems of a plant, like a eucalyptus, will look simple and sleek in a clear, glass vase. Switch different accent greens in and out to spruce up your space on a weekly basis.

Now add these beautiful eco-friendly planters by Mianzi to your bathroom.

3. Integrate Natural Elements into your bathroom decor

When you think of a calming environment, you may automatically jump to images of spa-like rooms, flooded with ambient light, pale colors, and a touch of greenery. Forging a connection to nature at home, especially in rooms that offer a chance to recharge, is more important than ever. If you want to accentuate the natural aspects of your bathroom, it’s not enough to add sandy, neutral tones or to put in some plants or add some lighting. To break the monotony of functional products, add a few natural touches to your bathroom. Accessories are the icing on the cake and the perfect way to tie your bathroom design together, so be sure to choose natural materials such as wicker, rattan, bamboo, or anything else that hints at outdoor elements in order to make full use of nature’s calming benefits to your space.

4. Incorporate Storage

The pitfall of many bathrooms is the lack of storage. Name a better feeling than getting your bathroom storage spot on, having a clutter-free room, not a damp towel or stray string of floss in sight? Ah, it's just so zen-inducing.

Just as we evolve, so do our homes. To adapt to ever-constant change, modern interiors need to include flexible elements that can be reconfigured with ease at any time. One of the fastest ways to transform a bathroom is to remove the clutter. Allowing you to free up space and better organize your bathroom countertops, opt for an entirely open shelving display like trays or baskets. Add small trays to store hand towels instead of towel racks. A bamboo basket is a popular item in many different bathroom styles. They are the perfect addition to keeping your bathroom tidy because, in addition to being functional, they are easy to transport when you need access to your storage; and when selected carefully, baskets will add texture and dimension to what can be an otherwise cold space. Try natural materials like bamboo, rattan, and other natural grasses to bring a tactile touch to your bathroom’s aesthetic. The options are limitless.

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5. Add mirrors to create the illusion of a lighter and larger space

Bathroom mirror ideas can bring so much to the room. A wonderfully versatile design feature, adding instant glamor and interest while maximizing light and boosting the sense of space, decorating with mirrors can make an enormous difference to a bathroom. A round mirror is a classic choice for a bathroom and can soften the sharp angles in contemporary spaces. Highlight the silvery sparkle of the mirrored surface with a natural frame. You can pick a gradient frame with an organic texture that will add a bit of warmth and elegance to even the most casual of bathrooms.

Here are some beautiful planet-friendly mirrors made from bamboo, available in a vibrant color palette to vibe up your bathroom space.

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