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Creating a Minimalist’s Dream Living Space


A minimalist aesthetic is all about decluttering and allowing the basics to define the space. When you take a less is more approach, you allow textures, colors, and clean lines to shine through. A minimalist living space gives one a homey - cozy feel without any overwhelming design extras. Minimalist living rooms can be tricky to get right. Creating a pared-back space that also exudes luxurious comfort can be a hard balance to strike, but with careful consideration, it can be achieved. So, if you’re considering taking the minimalist plunge and redoing your living room, allow us to walk you through all the pieces we recommend for a clean, minimalist escape.



First thing’s first! Before you begin your minimalist living space project, you’ll need to declutter the entire room. Keep in mind that less is always, always more – the point of creating a simple living space is to have less stuff.

So, if you’re the type to have a ton of small knickknacks and other decorative items around, try to get rid of as many of these decorations as possible. Otherwise, your living room is bound to look and feel more cluttered. For all those small articles that keep lying around get trays or baskets. Using podium trays on any counter not only provides an elevated platform making things easier to find but also delivers a classy feel. Natural handmade baskets add an organized look while providing a lot of storage space in a small area, even inside your wardrobe.

Try to keep only the most essential items in your space. Go around the room, consider every object and piece of furniture, and ask yourself if you can live without it. If so, it goes!

Go Green

It’s time to bring the outdoors…indoors! There’s truly nothing like the addition of a few plants to make your living room feel clean and fresh. Sprinkle two or three bright green houseplants around your living room – bonus points if you use chic glass jars or neutral-colored planters.

Depending on how much sunlight this room in your home gets, there may be a certain type of plant that would work best. So, head to your local nursery to get some much-needed greenery. You’ll be amazed at how much the addition of a few houseplants can transform a space!


Muted Colors

‘A minimalist combination of neutral, muted tones and rich wood finishes will display simplicity that will remain timeless, even as the style of the home evolves.’ 

One key to creating a minimalist living space is by focusing on more muted tones and calming colors. This doesn’t mean you can’t include a few pops of color every now and then. Just try to avoid covering the room in a glob of sharp colors. Shades of white, gray, beige, and black can complement other rich details like flooring, black framed windows, and beams. The color scheme is meant to break the gap between indoors and outdoors with a bright and natural color scheme. Minimalist décor and small living room ideas go hand-in-hand, so it pays to keep your color choices simple. 


The right lighting can make the minimalist brilliant. We've all been in spaces that instantly make us feel delightful. That's because they are flawlessly lit. The right lighting is an instant mood lifter. Proper lighting can also make it easier to enjoy our homes by creating the right ambiance - both interior and outdoors. Here are a few of our handmade bamboo lamps that will spruce up your space in a ziffy.




One of the key aspects of nailing a minimalist living room is to pay attention to décor. You may think minimalist means neglecting the walls, but you can still play with subtle artwork to finish off the minimalist vibe.

If your home already has a statement piece like a brick wall then you could choose to leave your walls bare. However, if you’re starting from scratch, then opt for one or two pictures instead of a busy gallery wall. You can create an airy feel by using light-colored frames. Add Wall Mirrors to make your room look spacious and modern.


Less is More!

When you initially begin to make the transition into simpler living, it can be tough to part with some of your stuff – we get it.

Keep in mind that you don’t HAVE to completely get rid of everything, at least not right away. Why not take out some furniture and put it in storage temporarily, or store items in your closet for a week or so? That way you can do a test run without permanently getting rid of everything.

And remember, going minimal is about simplicity – you can always add your stuff back in later, but keep in mind that less is always more.

Styling your living room with a less is more approach can help you feel more clear-headed, especially when you want to relax and de-stress after a long day. The minimalist style is perfect for hosting, simplifying your life, and embracing a more sustainable lifestyle overall!

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