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4 Sustainable Lamps To Illuminate Your Eco-Home

When it comes to making your home more energy-efficient, one of the easiest places to start is by simply switching all your incandescent light bulbs to LEDs. But what about the lamp you’re putting that bulb in? Chances are, it’s a mass-produced, nonrecyclable object that’s not eco-friendly. It’s time for an upgrade. An increasing number of designers are eschewing shortsighted manufacturing methods and crafting lighting fixtures using renewable and compostable plant materials like bamboo, cane, and rattan.

The dark season is here. When the evenings are lasting longer what we really need is some cozy light. Even better if this light is a beautiful sustainable eye-catcher, right? Mianzi has some pretty unique ones, which will spice up your home and brighten up your winter mood.

Here is a list of SUSTAINABLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY LAMPS you should bring home these winters.

1. Rattan Alokik Pendant Lamp By KJDS

Alokik, is a mutation of "ALO" with a slight twist. The extra bend softens the edge yet makes it bolder and more robust. When lit in dark the play of shadow creates a stark mood around, refreshing and illusive at the same time. Be it your home or workplace this one will not disappoint you.

2. Rattan Ola-Alo Pendant Lamp By KJDS

OLA - ALO, as the name suggests, is an ALO blooming in two opposite directions - fused in the center through an intricate central bend requiring expert craftsmanship. The form bends in multiple axes allowing it to look different when viewed from different angles. Easy to install and maintain. A piece that is eye-catching yet soothing.

3. Rattan Alo Pendant Lamp By KJDS

Alo is about finding an obscure symmetry and balance, with strips of rattan - bent, twisted & wrapped. It's a result of traditional handicraft skills combined with software-generated forms. The double axes curve allows it to look different when viewed from different angles. Brass nails are used as our signature design detail. Easy to install and maintain. A piece that can go very well with all styles of interiors be it ethnic or futuristic.

4. Rattan Deval- "a" - Alo Pendant Lamp By KJDS

DEVAL ‘A’ ALO is a wall lamp. Warm white light radiates from this piece of art to uplift the room's ambiance, and also your mood. Unique to this piece is the intricately woven thin rattan strips at the center which prevent glare and diffuse the light.

Grab these artful lighting pieces made from rattan that keep Mother Nature top of mind and your space stunning. Check more Bamboo & Rattan Lamps at www.mianzi.in

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