Butterfly Chair
  • Butterfly Chair

    SKU: FCH01XN

    Presenting bamboo as a material for elegant and minimal furniture for seating. The curves and the composition of the elements makes the form more organic, which gives a sense of natural softness in its aesthetics with a clean and fresh finish.
    It all started with this chair, where we realized the potential of bamboo as a material for the future. We aim to shift the preconceived notion of bamboo as poor mans timber to the material of future.

    • Product Dimensions

      Width: 48cm

      Depth: 48cm

      Height: 72.5cm

      Seating HeightL 45cm

      Seat Pan: 40cm X 40cm

    • Materials

      Bamboo, Brass , Stainless Steel

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    • Country Of Origin

      Made in India