Why Bamboo Furniture?

Bamboo is Eco friendly and sustainable. Bamboo is a boon to Indian tradition and craftsmanship. Bamboo aka Green Steel is strong and durable. Bamboo generates job and economical stability in rural India. Bamboo fibers are naturally anti-bacterial without needing any toxic chemical treatments, thus making it safe for you and your loved ones organically.

Is Bamboo Sustainable?

Bamboo is a fast-growing and naturally renewable tree-like grass. It requires little maintenance to farm as it doesn’t need any pesticides or herbicides and very little water to grow. It produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. It sequesters carbon dioxide and is carbon neutral. It is a critical element in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It is an excellent soil erosion inhibitor.

Is Mianzi Bamboo Furniture Durable?

Bamboo is strong and durable. Mianzi furniture stays good for decades in a comfortable humidity range, level floors, and with some basic protection. It’s not fussy! Just keep it clean, and you’ll enjoy your elegant bamboo furniture for decades.

Can we use these products outdoors?

The furniture items can be used outdoors but we will recommend keeping them indoor to maximize their life span unless the product is labeled for outdoor use.

How to keep Mianzi products clean?

Mianzi furniture is both durable and easy to care for - one of the many reasons it’s an incredible choice to add to your beautiful home. Keep it clean with regular dusting and with a soft cloth. For something a little stickier, a microfiber cloth can give a bit more cleaning power.

Are you offering any discount?

We are offering a site-wide discount when you subscribe to our website. All our subscribers get many other discounts and benefits. For bulk orders contact us.

What are your return and replacement policies?

To initiate a return or replacement, make sure to mail us within 3 days of delivery. For more information check, Return & Exchange section.

Are there any delivery charges?

We offer free shipping on our entire range anywhere in India. For shipping outside India, there are additional charges, customs charges, and taxes.

What are the delivery timelines once I order?

Once the order is placed our team quality checks each item before delivery. After that, we ship your product which normally takes around 10-15 days to reach you.

Do you provide product delivery to my location?

We deliver our products worldwide.

Do you customize products?

Yes, we provide customized as well as research-based products according to your requirements. For details Contact us.

Can we change the bulb in the lamp?

All our lamps are smart bulb compatible. You can change the bulb according to your requirements.